Pakistan Rangers Passing Out


HISTORY: Soon after the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the security of our eastern borders was assigned in respective areas of Punjab Border Police Force i.e Bahawalpur State Police, Khairpur State Police and Sindh Rifles. As this force was neither properly organized nor equipped for the assigned task, therefore, in 1958 it was re-organized and named as West Pakistan Rangers. After the 1971 war, this force was federalized under the Ministry of Defence as Pakistan Rangers and later in 1974, it was made part of the Civil Armed Forces (CAF) under the Ministry of Interior.

ROLE: Rangers are basically framed to undertake defensive tasks along the international border, thus their grooming remains very close to that of the Army. Most of its departmental officers are ex Servicemen and having served in the Army, they had opted to join Rangers. Moreover, roles/tasks of Rangers also demand altogether a different culture and organizational set up. Basing on these employment parameters, Command of Rangers Troops ‘is mostly entrusted to officers of Pakistan Army (on deputation to Pakistan Rangers) and thereby standards of discipline and conduct are maintained as close to the Army as possible.

  • Protection of persons and property in the border areas.
  • Apprehension of persons unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistan territory.
  • Prevention of smuggling.
  • Collection of intelligence in the border areas.
  • Reinforce the Police for the maintenance of law and order whenever it is necessary.
  • Federal Government may by an order at any time declare a state of emergency on entire border of the Province or a part thereof and thereby place under the operational control of the Army all or any of the units or members of the force for the time being serving within the Province.
  • Organization of village defence in border areas.
  • Provision of assistance to the police to prevent and detect crime in the border area.
  • Reinforce the police for the maintenance of law and order.
  • Collection of intelligence and provision of early warning about smugglers movement/concentration.
  • Organization of village defence in the border area.

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